For Coordinators
& Coaches


A Jr. NBA Host Organization plays a pivotal role as an ambassador of grassroots basketball in their community. The best youth sport programs put a priority on delivery, conduct themselves professionally, and set themselves up for sustainability.

Jr. NBA Youth Basketball has everything you need to adopt, implement, and adapt our program to fit the needs of your community and members. By supporting everything from administration to materials to curriculum development to marketing, JNYB makes running a youth basketball program simple, easy and affordable.

Pillars of the Program

  • Curriculum

    • Streamlined lesson plans for coaches to follow

    • Proven Lesson Plans providing a games-based approach at an age-appropriate level

    • Alignment with the Long-Term Development Model

  • Program in a Box

    • Step-by-step instructions for organizations to follow along with to run a well-structured basketball program

    • Program materials sourced for your program including:

      • Jr. NBA Reversible Jersey

      • Wilson Basketball

      • Poster/Certificate

      • Parent Guide

      • Liability Insurance

    • Promotional Kit to help you market your program!

  • Endorsement

    • Our team is here to support your organization, and joining the Jr. NBA provides support from:

      • Canada Basketball

      • NBA Canada

      • Provincial/Territorial SportingOrganization

      • Coaching Association of Canada

  • Coaching Resources

    • Comprehensive curriculum making basketball programming simple even for the first-time coach!

    • Coach Package with Materials (Dri-Fit Shirt, Fox40 Whistle)

    • NCCP FUNdamentals Coach Training

    • Screening Services

    • Coaches Manual, Drill Bank, and Mini Basket Rulebook providing additional learning opportunities in basketball

  • Resources and Support

    • Jr. NBA Canada Website

    • Canada Basketball Staff

    • Newsletter with up-to-date news surrounding the Jr. NBA

    • JNYB Game Plan access

Jr. NBA Youth Basketball Fan Study

NBA Canada conducted a fan study on NBA fans to get a better understanding of the Jr. NBA brand among NBA Fans. This study would allow for a better understanding of the perceived audience of the Jr. NBA.



NBA Fans






of Parents aware of a youth basketball participation program

Parents realize the program offers opportunities for

  • Development

  • Training

  • Mentoring

Kids mostly associated the Jr. NBA as a place to play basketball and having fun with friends!