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The Jr. NBA Youth Basketball (JNYB) is a national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love for the game of basketball. The NBA & Canada Basketball grassroots initiative empowers community sport groups, facilities, and clubs to positively influence youth through basketball.



The Jr NBA program create opportunities for all children to learn and play basketball, through qualified coaching and programming, in a positive, safe, supportive, and development-focused environment.


Canada Basketball & the NBA hold the goal of seeing the health of a nation, and through the Jr. NBA Program, Coaches and Coordinators work to influence children to be active for life by creating a positive impression on physical activity


The Jr NBA program promotes the use of size appropriate equipment to allow children to experience success on the basketball court based on their age/stage.


Canada Basketball and the NBA believe following Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model will put children in position to be successful through their physical lives. Through a focus on foundational skills, children can work to become physically literate and the Jr. NBA acts as the entry point to basketball in Canada


The Jr. NBA Curriculum promotes a team environment and the inclusion of all the individuals throughout the session. Through team games, Jr. NBA Coaches encourage all children to lift each other up when down by taking a holistic approach towards basketball.

Fundamentals, Learning, Activity, Success, Respect


Age 5-12 | Co-ed | 12 Weeks | 45-75 Min. Sessions

A national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game of basketball.

Empowering basketball communities, clubs, and facilities

Positively impact youth through the sport of basketball

Holistic approach to athlete development based off of the Sport Canada LTAD Model



Provide opportunities for youth ages 5-12 across Canada to play basketball.


NCCP FUNdamentals Coach Workshop and full basketball curriculum with supporting resources.


Develop young athletes in alignment with the Sport Canada LTAD Model and stage-appropriate drills and games.


Entry to the Canada Basketball development pathway, encouraging athletes to pursue high performance opportunity.

Character Building

Help athletes maximize their potential, using basketball as a vehicle to develop character and life skills.

Jr.NBA Program Details


A 12 week basketball program designed by the NBA and Canada Basketball


Over 250 registered Jr. NBA clubs in 12 provinces across Canada


Maximum cost of $200/child to enroll in the program


$50 worth of product included in your enrollment fee
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5 - 12
years old

Programming specially designed
for children

45 - 75

Typical clubs run session for between 45 and 75 mins

Player Package


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